Opportunities for Project-Based Training in Kindergarten

Valentina Petkova Hristova1, Rumyana Georgieva Todorova2

1Kindergarten „Zname na mira”, Vratza

Възможности за проектно-базирано обучение в детската градина

1ДГ „Знаме на мира“, гр. Враца

Валентина Петкова Христова1, Румяна Георгиева Тодорова1

Abstract: The article presents different options for implementing project-based pre-school education. The method of project activity in the kindergarten is a set of certain actions, organized by the teacher and performed by the children alone or in a team with other children and supported by the parent as a result of which a creative product is created. Engaging the parent as a partner is particularly important. They are not only sources of information but also support for both the child and the teacher in the process of project work. This is a useful and interesting method that helps children develop their creative and research capabilities. The project activities realized and presented in the report were carried out with children from the fourth age group in kindergarten „Zname na mira”, Vratza.

Keywords: project-based learning, kindergarten