Bet Now – or How to be a Successful Teacher

Stanka Dimitrova Mineva

Kindergarden „Patilansko tsarstvo“

Предай нататък – или как да бъдеш успешен учител-наставник

Станка Димитрова Минева

ДГ №68 „Патиланско царство“, Стара Загора

Abstract: Concerned statistics on Bulgarian education show that young teachers up to the age of 35 are only 8%. That is why the educational system, and in particular all present teachers, is a great challenge to attract more young teachers into the system. It would be good to motivate young people to start from the student’s bench. For introducing future teachers into a real work environment and adapting them to the chosen profession, the mentor teacher plays an important role. He must accept mentoring, as his own responsibility, students as future colleagues but inexperienced as younger friends and as people to convey their experience. The timely introduction into the system and the specifics of working with children, the stimulation of the first steps in the profession, help design the future realization of the students. By meeting understanding and support, these young people get motivation to become teachers. In a good interaction there is an opportunity for useful exchange of ideas and learning through co-operation. The mentor is the one who should provide guidance for constructive and communicative actions of educational relationships. And why not share your way of doing all this?

Keywords: mentor, mentor, trainee-teacher.

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