Finnish Education System  Exotic or Reality

Antonina Dimitrova Kirova

DG “Zora”, Dupnitsa

Финландската образователна система – екзотика или реалност

Антонина Димитрова Кирова

ДГ „Зора”, гр. Дупница

Abstract: Education in Finland is considered one of the best. According to international studies conducted by PISA, students in Finland show the highest level of knowledge in the world. They are also the most readable children on the planet, second place in the field of natural sciences and 5th place in mathematics. However, this is not the most delightful thing, but that, against the backdrop of these high scores, students spend little time studying.

The Finns have the following statement: „Or we learn to be ready for life, or to be ready for the exams. We choose the first „. The Finnish education system strives to have full coverage at school and is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all. Promoting good relations between members of the school community, regardless of race, religion or belief, culture, gender, sexual orientation or age.

Keywords: education, opportunities, school