Conceptual Map Design in Topic-Oriented Educational Units

Borislav Yordanov Lazarov

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Разработване на концептуална карта в тематично-ориентирани образователни единици

Борислав Йорданов Лазаров

Институт по математика и информатика при Българска академия на науките, София

* Разработката е частичното финансиране от Образователна и изследователска програма „Черноризец Храбър“ на ИМИ – БАН.

Abstract: Under consideration are two quantitative characteristics of conceptual map: weight and distance. These characteristics are used to evaluate the ‘didactic price’ of conceptual map modifications. A complex structure of the map links is proposed aiming to perform a more coherent image of the connections between the entities of the map. The implementation of such complex structure in a topic-oriented didactical unit potentially facilitates the execution of the particular integrated didactic scenario. The theoretical frame is operationalized by a sample instruction for conceptual map design. The scope of the study includes the innovative schools in Bulgaria, which are introducing integrated approach as an upgrade of the compulsory subject-oriented curricula.

Keywords: conceptual map weight, conceptual map distance, integrated approach, processing matrix, topic-oriented education.

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