Paper 39

FORM GENIUSES /For students from 2-7 grade/

Ilia Krumov Dinev
First Primary School „St. Cyril and
Methodius“, Gotse Delchev

НАПРАВИ ГЕНИИ /за учениците от 2-7 клас/

Илия Крумов Динев
Първо ОУ „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий”,
гр. Гоце Делчев


Abstract: For six years I have been doing activities using the possibilities of the programmes of Ministry of
Education and Science – the European projects „Success“ and „Your class“. The topic I chose is Chess.
My work on Chess topic started in 2008 when I included it in extracurricular activities of my primary school
students being their teacher. I started the project „Success“ in 2011/2012 school year. The enthusiasm and quick
results led to the decision to continue the club’s activity for six years. The clubs are attended by students from
2nd to 7th grade.
Why did I choose chess? When we think of chess we think of logic, complexity and building strategies. It is
definitely an intellectual game and it is the „queen“ of this kind of games. It was proved playing chess develops
the brain of the participant and improves memory. The long life of chess is the most important proof of its
undeniable success.

Keywords: chess, students, club, logical thinking, geniuses