Technology Casio as a Means of Professionalization of Fundamental Education

Igor Vostroknutov*, AleksandrLukankin**, Irina Slobodskaya***

*CASIO Europe GmbH

** Moscow Regional Socially-Economical Institute

***Vologda Institute of law and Economics 

Технологии Casio как средство профессионализации фундаментального образования

Вострокнутов* И.Е., Луканкин** А.Г., Слободская*** И.Н.

*КАСИО Европа ГмбХ

**Московский региональный социально-экономический институт

***Вологодский институт права и экономики ФСИН России


Abstract: The article presents the authors ‘ point of view on the role and place of fundamental mathematical knowledge in modern society. The main idea is the need to review the process of creating and using electronic educational resources. Conclusions are drawn that information technologies allow to strengthen professional orientation of fundamental education.

Keywords: fundamental mathematical knowledge, information technology, CASIO