Actual Problems of the Personalization of the Aesthetical Perception in Primary School

Georgi Kostadinov Terziev

Prof. Assen Zlatarov University, Burgas

Актуални проблеми при персонализацията на художествено – естетическите възприятия в началната училищна степен

Георги Костадинов Терзиев

Университет „Проф. д-р Асен Златаров“, гр. Бургас

Abstract: Thе article emphasizes the need of updating of the circle of artists with prominent contribution to the contemporary Bulgarian artistic life. On focus are artists who gained significant recognition and have a huge role in the approval of the prestige of Bulgarian art on the international artistic scene. Artistic tendencies that went beyond the classical genre frames and focus the attention of the students on attractive forms of artistic expression in the field of animation, street art and the unconventional art forms are traced. The inscription of Bulgarian art in the international cultural context is shown as a factor for the highlighting of our cultural identity and the approval of the sentiment of national dignity.

Keywords: Curricula update, International prestige, Cultural identity, Contemporary Bulgarian artistic culture.