Science Fair

Greta Dimitrova Stoyanova

„A. G. Kodzhakafaliyata“ Secondary school, Burgas

Панаир на науката

Грета Димитрова Стоянова

ОУ „Александър Георгиев – Коджакафалията“, Бургас

Abstract: For the successful implementation of the new Life sciences and Biology and health education curriculums it is essential to put the emphasis on the research approach.

As a teacher who embraces innovations, I encourage and apply both the practical and project-orientated education. “Science Fair” is a method of teaching and learning in which the students acquire new knowledge, develop skills and competencies, while planning, putting in practice and presenting the projects that they have created (individually and in teams). Working on projects turns the act of learning into an exciting and intriguing process, provokes the natural curiosity and research desire of the students, enhances their motivation for learning, improves the collaboration between the teacher and the students, supports the active and interactive learning, combines knowledge, experiences and actions in an innovative way with the aim of solving real and actual problems. The students are the main driving force, as they experiment, seek and find their own answers, which makes them feel like explorers and inventors. By doing so, I stimulate the development of the potential, creativity, proactivity, creative thinking and imagination of each individual student.

Keywords: Science Fair, project-based training