Media and Digital (Media) Competences and Play

Luchia Malinova Angelova, Bojidar Mihailov Angelov

Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“, Faculty of Primary and Pre-Shool Education

Медийна и дигитална компетентност и играта

Лучия Малинова Ангелова, Божидар Михайлов Ангелов

СУ „Св. Климент Охридски”, Факултет по начална и предучилищна педагогика

* Both authors express their gratitude to the Media Coach Initiative for the partial support of their work

Abstract: The report raises questions concerning the philosophical and pedagogical aspects of the relationship between the game and mass communications. The various means of mass media and communication available nowadays are a source of everyday information; they mold and influence people’s mental faculties, emotions and attitudes, and facilitate the formation of collective social consciousness and understanding.

Keywords: mass media and communication, interaction, culture, play.

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