School Models of Innovative Processes

Stefana Stoyanova Petrova

125th Secondary School, Sofia

Училищни модели на иновативни процеси

Стефана Стоянова Петрова

125. СУ „Боян Пенев“, гр. София

Abstract: The report presents models of existing innovative practices for changing the educational process. The impacts and the role of the promising innovations in the organization of the learning environment and of the integrative models for management and synchronization of the learning processes in 125th Secondary School in Sofia have been derived for establishing it as a successful innovative training center. More than 10 years of successful realization of innovative components through intensive and specialized preparation of students in mathematics. In the second year of the introduction of the innovative process the management and the teaching team are expanding the scope of the innovation in several directions: (1) An integrative approach to the formation of scientific knowledge through the inclusion of natural and applied learning disciplines in the extended study of mathematics; (2) Creating a motivating and multifunctional learning environment of the future; (3) Innovative approaches to the effective organisation of school time; (4) Implementation of positive learning messages and communication teacher–student–parent.

School models related to the school’s innovations are described and characterised in the context of a common model for distribution of scientific and educational resources, which is subordinated to the overall philosophy of optimisation and prospective development of the educational process. Summarized results of surveys with parents participating in the innovative target groups are also presented. In conclusion, the contribution of school teams, sustained positive tendencies and problematic components are shown in the realization of the described models of innovative processes.

Keywords: life-long learning, successful life and professional realization, team work, personal growth


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