Paper 23-60



Аделина Аврамова Павлова
Детска градина „Дора Габе“, Сандански


Adelina Avramova Pavlova
Kindergarten „Dora Gabe“, Sandanski

Abstract: Creating an environment that promotes children’s health and well-being from an early age has an effect on their ability and desire to learn and develop. The goals of the project are related to activities such as healthy eating, physical activity and emotional well-being. This symbiosis prepares the child for entering the modern world. If we want children to be healthy, we need to introduce them to discussions about the importance of nutrition. Especially in times of various conflicts, it is important to teach both different cultures and traditions, as well as ways of eating, in order to raise open-minded and tolerant people. The goals of the topics related to physical activity are familiarization with one’s own body and its development through movement and sports and fair play with friends. Focusing on mental well-being is all about stress of the role of empathic communication with others. This can boost children’s self-esteem and tolerance. All these project ideas are crucial for preparing children for their future roles as adults in a democratic European society. We must not forget that the future begins today and future adults acquire important skills among peers in kindergarten, learning love, friendship, tolerance and healthy living.

Keywords: socialization, health, nutrition, physical activity, emotions


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