Paper 22-28



Тодорка Атанасова Глушкова, Ирина Красимирова Кръстева
Пловдивски университет „Паисий Хилендарски“, Пловдив


Todorka Atanasova Glushkova, Irina Krasimirova Krasteva
University of Plovdiv „Paisiy Hilendarski“, Plovdiv

*Авторите изказват благодарност към научни проекти ФП21-ФМИ-002 „Интелигентни иновационни ИКТ в научните изследвания в областта на математиката, информатиката и педагогиката на обучението“ към ФНИ на Пловдивския университет за частичното финансиране на настоящата работа.

Abstract: For several years now, the education in informatics and programming in high school has been realized only as a profiled or elective subject. On the other hand, information technologies are studied in all forms and participate as a profiling subject in many professions and specialized classes. The problem related to the
construction of digital competencies in coding is already successfully solved with the introduction of computer modelling from 3rd grade as a compulsory subject. However, most of today’s high school students have deficits in these competencies. The article considers an approach for application of block programming in elective modules in the profiled training in IT in the second-high school degree. Solving specific practical tasks through coding increases the activity and motivation of students and allows them to build the key competencies necessary for their successful professional realization in the digital age.
Keywords: block programming, robotics, digital competences


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1. – programirane na robotizirani ustroystva
2. – blokovo programirane na Python
3. – sazdavane na mobilni prilozhenia s blokovo programirane
4. – blokovo programirane na Java
5. – blokovo programirane na Javascript
6. – obuchitelna sreda za blokovo programirane
7. – EV3 robot
8. – Edison robot
9. – Robot Operating System