Paper 21-36



Мария Тодорова Грънчарова-Христова¹, Невена Севдалинова Моралийска², Йордан
Георгиев Тодоров², Иван Станимиров Стоянов²
¹Хуманитарна гимназия „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий“, гр. Пловдив
²Институт по информационни и комуникационни технологии, БАН, гр. София


Mariya Todorova Grancharova-Hristova¹, Nevena Sevdalinova Moraliyska², Jordan Georgiev
Todorov², Ivan Stanimirov Stoyanov²
¹Humanities High School „St. St. Cyril and Methodius“, Plovdiv
²Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, BAS, Sofia

*Авторите изказват благодарност към Националната научна програма „Интелигентно растениевъдство“ (2021–2024) на МОН , за частичното финансиране на настоящата работа.

Abstract: The article presents an approach for the application of digital libraries, including a network of ontologies and structured databases in the education of school students in literature, history, geography and biology. The general architecture of a multi-agent platform based on the reference framework of the ViPS (Virtual Physical Space) system, which is being developed in the DeLC Laboratory of the Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski“, will be considered. The information and data in this platform are maintained by a hybrid structure of ontologies and databases, with the designed services maintained by intelligent agents and personal assistants. Through interaction between these intelligent components, functionalities are modelled, such as: conducting virtual tours in the teaching of different subjects; automatic generation of questionnaires, tests and surveys; development of project assignments; game-based learning; group assignments, etc. These functionalities and services are aimed at classroom training as well as interest clubs.

Keywords: Virtual Physical Space (ViPS), Artificial intelligence, Ontology, Personal Assistants


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