Paper 34


Greta Dimitrova Stoyanova
„Sv. sv. Kiril i Metodii” school, Burgas


Грета Димитрова Стоянова
СУ „Св. св. Кирил и Методий”, гр. Бургас


Abstract: The modern school must off er not only knowledge but opportuni es, which help students
build and develop their personal quali es and skills, as well as their social behaviour and responsibility.
Therefore, my good prac ce, building “A Hotel for Insects” in the courtyard of our school is a modern educa
onal decision that allows students to communicate with the nature and represents an interac ve method of
educa on through experiences and adventures, which makes it an ideal addi on to the Life Science’s curriculum.
It results in crea ng key components, enhancing the students’ mo va on and makes the educa onal process
in the fi eld of environmental and biodiversity conserva on up to date. It puts emphasis on the decreasing
popula on of the pollina ng insects and indicates ways for their conserva on, regardless of the pollu on and
other eco nega ves in the big ci es.
The students can do a lot of prac cal exercises such as observa on and determining the biodiversity of the
insects in the school’s courtyard, researching and analysing informa on of the founded species, naming and
classifi ca on of the founded species, building of the hotel and crea ng a book for the guests of the hotel. These
prac cal exercises lead to the achievement of the desired objec ve: conserva on and familiarisa on with the
insects’ biodiversity around us through engaging the students as “builders” of “The Hotel for Insects”, turning
the tradi onal way of educa on into an educa on at any me and any place.

Keywords: insect hotel, good educational practice, interactive method, biodiversity