Paper 21-3



Любомира Петрова Парижкова
Университет по библиотекознание и информационни технологии, гр. София


Lubomira Petrova Parijkova
University of Library Studies and Information Technologies

* Авторът изказва благодарност към научен проект „Изследване на нагласите към терапевтичния потенциал на четенето в нетипични ситуации за индивида“ с Договор № КП-06-Н45/2 от 30.11.2020 г., финансиран от Фонд „Научни изследвания“ на Министерство на образованието и науката, с ръководител гл. ас. д-р Събина Кирилова Ефтимова-Илиева.

Abstract: Reading literacy has changed its character in recent decades. It increasingly goes beyond the simple skills of decoding text and retrieving information. The possibilities for skillful navigation in the information’s sea, for extracting reliable information in a „post-truth“ situation, for dealing with infodemic are among the characteristics of reading literacy today. This report provides a theoretical overview of the literature, which presents the latest policies to stimulate reading literacy, understood as critical thinking and working with different types of texts, including digital. The report also presents and analyzes the results of the 2018 PIS A literacy survey of 15-year-old students. Emphasis is placed on the performance of Bulgarian students and comparison with previous research results. Reading literacy is invariably related to digital literacy, the results of the authors research in this direction are also presented. Basic recommendations to teachers for the formation of reading literacy and critical thinking of students are done.

Keywords: reading literacy, critical thinking, PIS A2018, surveys, results.


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