Veselina Ivanova Georgieva, Daniela Borisova Hristova, Tanya Markova Srebreva
„A. G. Kodzhakafaliyata” Primary School, Burgas


Веселина Иванова Георгиева, Даниела Борисова Христова, Таня Маркова Сребрева
ОУ „Александър Георгиев-Коджакафалията“, Бургас

Abstract: Project work provides active participation of students, covering activities with an emphasis on independent work and the combination of different information sources. The end result is creating your own product. Students from the third grade of „Alexander Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata“ Primary School did Project „Tour Operator“, which integrates the subjects Local History, Information Technology and Computer Modeling. In order to complete their tourist offers, student must have a wide range of knowledge and skills. The teams study cultural and historical sites along a certain tourist route. They visit the exhibitions of Regional Historical Museum-Burgas to gather information according to pre-set criteria. For the purpose of the project different methods and means are used such as: dictation; surplus information method; search for information on the Internet (text and images) by keywords. The design of the offers requires the teams to apply knowledge and skills related to entering and formatting text in a word processing program, inserting an image. For each offer the students calculate the prices for visiting in two variants, and in order to intrigue their future clients, they make a virtual walk in Burgas in Scratch. The indirect result is related to positive emotions and attitudes in students, with the formation of social experience.

Keywords: project work, product, digital skills, gather information


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