Atanaska Stoimenova Peneva, Primary School „Professor Ivan Batakliev“, Pazardzhik


Атанаска Стоименова Пенева, ОУ „Професор Иван Батаклиев“, град Пазарджик

Abstract: The report presents the author’s experience in integrating modern ICT technologies in the process of teaching and learning in school. The emphasis is on the use of mobile devices and the integration of cloud technologies in schools. As an ICT teacher, the author provides some practical guidelines on how to apply innovation. The generation of 7 screens does not know a world without digital technologies and mobile communications. The discrepancy between the expectations of the digital generation and the reality in our schools is in terms of the information and communication technologies (ICT) used in them and the didactic models. Adolescents, when they find themselves in an environment that does not meet their expectations, are demotivated and redirect their attention to other objects and goals and stop being active in class. The use of the so-called. „Cloud“ technologies will significantly increase the interest and retention of students. The modern approach to building information systems is focused on developing solutions in which the collection, input and output of information is carried out through WEB-based applications or platforms.

Keywords: virtual reality VR, voice printing, website and open-ended electronic book.


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