Smart Electronics Based on Arduino: a Course for Teachers of Robotics

Abdulgalimov Gramudin Latifovich

 Moscow Pedagogical State University, Moscow

Умная электроника на базе Arduino: курс для учителей робототехники

Абдулгалимов Грамудин Латифович

Московский педагогический государственный университет, г. Москва

Abstract: The article describes the creation of a course on programming microcontrollers for future teachers of robotics. The microcontroller is the control unit of any robot. Lesson on programming microcontrollers for beginners is better done using the platform Arduino. The Arduino package includes the Arduino programming language (syntax similar to the C ++ language), the developer’s computer environment, as well as sensors, indicators, relays, motors, additional electronic boards that help build the training course. This training course is necessary for physics and computer science teachers who want to organize courses in robotics for children at school. The course consists of two parts: 1) familiarity with the programming environment and the element base; 2) creation of various complexity of projects based on Arduino.

Keywords: introduction of robotics, programming of microcontrollers, training kits of robotics, Arduino board, training of robotics teachers.

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