Implementation of Cloud Technologies in Education

Petya Kostadinova Zheleva

Professional Technical High School, Burgas

Приложения на облачни технологии в обучението

Петя Костадинова Желева

Професионална Техническа Гимназия, гр. Бургас

Abstract. The present work aims to explore the application of cloud technologies in teaching and learning, enabling learning to evolve to such an extent that it can be completely out of context of the paper carrier and to be permanently and comfortably accommodated in the Cloud. Describe the capabilities of cloud technologies as advanced learning approaches that allow the development of language, communication, social and computer skills at the same time. Cloud computing is not just a new technology but a fundamentally new business model. A service that allows us to configure ourselves what we need to immediately get the service and pay only for what we really use. Over the next 5-10 years, it is assumed that it will not be just about delivering these services through cloud technologies. We are currently seeing different devices, such as smartphones, tablets being used to launch applications. Not only does this change access to applications and services, it changes the way things are done.

Keywords: cloud, cloud technologies, education

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