Computer Modelling in the Third Grade – Problems and Solvings

Venelin Dachkov Nikolov1, Todor Yankov Yankov2

1Primary School „Vassil Levski“

2Private school “The little prince”

Компютърно моделиране в 3 клас – проблеми и решения

Венелин Дачков Николов1, Тодор Янков Янков2

1ОУ „Васил Левски“, гр. Разград

2ЧОУ „Малкият принц“, гр. Варна

Abstract: In the 21st century, students prepare themselves in the conditions of fast-moving technologies and, to be adequate, their education requires the acquisition of competencies such as algorithmic and critical thinking. Following the global trends from the forthcoming 2018/19 school year, Ministry of Education and Science introduces a new discipline in the third grade – Computer Modeling. Students will learn to work with digital devices with files, create animated projects using algorithms by composing blocks of code in a visual programming environment. This confronts the primary school teachers, whose role is to bring children into the world of digital technologies in front of multiple challenges.

Keywords: Computer modelling, Scratch, Robotics, Development  

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