„Young architect“ – Creative Project in Mathematics, Art and Environment in the First Class

Verka Dimitrova Maratilova

Secondary School „Prof. Ivan Batakliev“, Pazardzhik

 „Млад архитект“ – творчески проект по математика, изобразително изкуство
и околен свят в първи клас

Верка Димитрова Маратилова

ОУ „Проф. Иван Батаклиев“, Пазарджик

Abstract: This report presents the experience of the implementation of project work in mathematics teaching and primary school education. The name of the project is „Young Architect“. The focus of the project is on building knowledge about geometric figures. Another goal of the work is to develop the creative and critical thinking of the students.

Why is Geometry Education Important? Children need a lot of opportunities to learn about shapes. Learning to identify and understand what the different forms are, and their parts are important concepts. Every day, children in their environment see and interact with different figures. They must be able to recognize forms, explain what they see and understand why they are there, and make the relationship between them.

When children learn every geometric concept, they will move to the next stage of understanding. A strong understanding of the forms is vital to studying more complex geometry concepts later.

Keywords: mathematical thinking, logical problem, teaching in mathematics, primary school

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