Minecraft as an Education Tool for the Application of Integral Learning

Daniela Borisova Hristova, Tanya Markova Srebreva

Primary school Aleksander Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata

Майнкрафт като образователен инструмент за реализиране на интегрирания подход

Даниела Борисова Христова, Таня Маркова Сребрева

ОУ „Александър Георгиев-Коджакафалията“, Бургас

Abstract: Teaching the basics of coding at Alexander Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliyata Primary School develops students’ digital literacy, algorithmic thinking and skills to design familiar objects, processes and phenomena thanks to popular game Minecraft. This approach serves not to replace the regular lesson but as a parallel which extends and builds upon the learning process in order to develop synthetic competences. Thus emerges a natural necessity to look integrally at specific topics which fail to fit entirely into one scientific area. Students research historical records and then make a 3D Minecraft model of a historic site – the Greek Acropolis, which is part of the learning material in History in grade 5. They not only learn more about the site but also apply the skills of cooperation, effective communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Keywords:Minecraft, integral learning, gamification

  1. Uchebna programa po istoria i tsivilizatsii za V klas