Application of Statistic Methods and Ict for Representation of a Dominant Personality Type Within a Class

Polina Dimitrova Dimitrova1

1OU “Aleksandar Georgiev – Kodzhakafaliyata”

Използване на статистически методи и ИКТ за представяне на преобладаващ личностен тип в класа

Полина Димитрова Димитрова

1ОУ „Александър Георгиев – Коджакафалията“, гр. Бургас


Absrtact. The main purpose of the lesson was to present data by tables and diagrams using computer program Ecxel. A test for defining the personality type of each student was made in advance by the school psychologist. On the basis of the collected data, the students had to make tables with the personality types of the class and also fill in the results during the lesson. The students also had to prepare column diagram using the information from the table deciding the design on their own. The purpose of this exercise is the students to be able to use in practice their knowledge about this type of diagram that they have already learned in previous lessons. The second type of diagram that they had to prepare was the pie. They had to use a format that shows the percentage of each sector. The goal of this exercise was to connect their knowledge from 5th grade with a future material they will learn in 6th grade about the pie diagram, and how to draw it.  At the end of this exercise the students had to check if the percentage of one of the sectors reply to the real number of people with that personality type and to conclude by themselves if the percentage was rounded or not.

Keywords: statistics, diagrams, tables, personality types, analyses  

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