Project Activity in the Bulgarian School Abroad „t=The Monasteries in Bulgaria – Troyan Monastery“

Iliana Todorova Ilieva-Dabova

Bulgarian Sunday School „Seven Saints“ Tarragona, Spain

Bulgarian Sunday School „St. St. Cyril and Methodius“ Barcelona, Affiliate Mollet del Valles, Spain

Проектна дейност в българско училище в чужбина „манастирите в България – Троянски манастир“ 

Илиана Тодорова Илиева-Дъбова

БНУ „Св. Седмочисленици“ Тарагона, Испания

БНУ „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий“ Барселона, Филиал Мойет дел Вайес, Испания

Abstract: This material considers the implementation of the school project: “The monasteries in Bulgaria – The Trojan Monastery” – like extracurricular activity. There are presented the basic stages, from which the project’s activity goes through: preparing, operative, productive and final. There are also the peculiarities of the project activities of the Bulgarian school abroad.

Keywords: Project, extracurricular activity, Sunday school