Developing Competencies Through Teamwork

Elena Tasheva1

1Alexander Georgiev–Kodzhakafaliata Secondary School, Burgas

Развиване на компетентности чрез работа в екип

Елена Цанкова Ташева1

1ОУ „Александър Георгиев-Коджакафалията“, Бургас

Abstract: Describing the work with students from the Preparatory Group (6-7 years old) from Alexander Georgiev-Kodzhakafaliata Secondary School in Burgas. How teamwork expands and builds children’s already developed skills. In the beginning of the school year, the class is working in groups, only in separate lessons, and at the end – the whole learning process takes place in this way. The number of children (in one team) is 4-5. They work like this in: Bulgarian Language and Literature, Mathematics, Around the World, Construction and Technology and Gaming Culture. The talk describes how this learning methodology develops the competences of students and changes them.

Keywords: teamwork, developed skills